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Homeopathy Primer: Getting Started with Homeopathy Book

Homeopathy Primer: Getting Started with Homeopathy Book

Introducing our comprehensive Homeopathy Primer guide, your ultimate study companion, learning resource, and reference tool all in one. This book unlocks simple ways to treat acute ailments at home using homeopathic remedies sold over the counter and online. Elevate your acute homeopathic prescribing knowledge for yourself, your family or your practice.

This 350 page book is perfect for study groups, moms/dads/caregivers, homeopathic practitioners and students, medical doctors and nurses, and all individuals wanting to become self-reliant on using homeopathic remedies for their patients, clients, family, friends or oneself. 

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The book includes...

  • Compiled with over 35 experienced users of homeopathic remedies including professional homeopaths, student homeopaths and home prescribers.
  • Includes OVER 100 remedy comparison charts for a wide variety of common ailments to guide you in choosing a good remedy.
  • Visually appealing and easy to read.
  • Contains suggestions for additional support (other than homeopathic) for many conditions.
  • Provides guidance for identifying an emergency and when to contact a healthcare professional.
  • Includes quick knowledge checks at the end of every chapter by asking “What’s the First Remedy You Think of When. . .”
  • Contains an extensive glossary of terms to help you learn and understand the language of homeopathy and referenced medical terminology.
  • Includes a comprehensive section on homeopathic resources including where to purchase remedies, related books for novices, homeopathy websites, homeopathic schools and associations, and more!
  • Easy to reference and thorough index.